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50+ Years Helping Children in Malaysia Survive And Thrive

UNICEFUNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. Around the world, we use our expertise to meet the challenges facing children and those who care for them. Our history of more than 60 years gives us a profound understanding of development and how important children are to progress. The Convention on the Rights of the Child guide us in all that we do for children.

In Malaysia, UNICEF has been working with the Government and people since 1954 to create lasting solutions that give children the best start in life and help them realise their full potential.

UNICEFMalaysia’s commitment to her children has translated to a number of national development goals which coincidentally cover essential elements of the Millennium Development Goals. These achievements owe a great deal to the ground-breaking policies and strategies introduced more than 40 years ago.

UNICEF is proud to have been part of Malaysia’s journey to improve health, nutrition, water and sanitation, formal and non-formal education, as well as welfare services for children in rural as well as poor urban areas.

While Malaysia’s achievements in promoting the rights of the child over the last 30 years are impressive, new challenges have emerged in contemporary Malaysia. These include growing disparities which affect vulnerable children’s access to health and education; the threat of HIV and AIDS; and violence against children.

Our mission today, as then, remains the same: to overcome challenges for children and enhance the nation’s capacity for continuous and progressive realisation of children’s rights.

Working with partners from Government, civil society, youth and faith-based organisations, private sector and the media, we seek to support the Ninth Malaysian Plan to ensure access to quality care, education and social protection services for all children in Malaysia.

We also facilitate knowledge exchange within our global network and capitalise on our presence in more than 150 countries worldwide to export good practices and technical know-how to and from Malaysia.

Today more than ever we know that building a brighter future begins with children – ensuring that every child is healthy, educated, protected and cherished.

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