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UNFPAUNFPA: the United Nations Population Fund, is an international development agency that promotes the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. UNFPA supports countries in using population data for policies and programmes to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free of HIV/AIDS, and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect.

UNFPA began providing assistance to Malaysia in 1973 for its national family planning programme in line with Malaysia’s population policy stipulated under the First Malaysia Plan. From 1973 through 1996, UNFPA supported programmes, projects for reproductive health (RH) Family Planning (FP); training; research; capacity building activities, as well as other population and development related initiatives.

UNFPAIn view of the commendable economic and social performance of Malaysia, its rapid strides towards attaining self reliance and its success with population strategies, since 1997, UNFPA’s assistance has been directed towards selected areas of intervention, particularly in the area of reproductive health as prescribed in the Programme of Action (POA) adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994. The programme/project areas include creating awareness on RH at the community setting; addressing adolescent reproductive health effectively; and integration of RH into primary health care.

In 2003, the Government of Malaysia (GOM) agreed to cost share UNFPA country programme in Malaysia for an initial period of 5 years. Upon the completion of the first cost sharing country programme in 2007, GOM approved the second cost sharing country programme from 2008-2012. The cost sharing country programmes have been developed in line with GOM’s policy as well as the UNFPA mandate in addressing emerging national population concerns and reflecting key issues arising from the ICPD+10 review.

The key areas addressed in the current programme are:  reproductive health including HIV/AIDS; gender concerns particularly violence against women; and life-long learning initiative for population ageing. 

For further information, please visit www.unfpa.org or www.unfpa.org.my
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