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To promote inclusive and broad-based process of formulating a new development agenda, the following post-2015 initiatives focusing on civil society and parliamentarian engagement are underway in the Asia-Pacific region. All the major outputs of these initiatives will be used as critical inputs for the national consultation which will be held as part of the UNDG-supported 5 consultations explained above, with the High Level Panel being the final recipient of these inputs.

‘Breaking Point’ Research Project
The Commonwealth Foundation, in partnership with the UN Millennium Campaign, is supporting country-level research by civil society organizations, which aims to address four sets of questions related to MDG progress and post-2015 framework: 
(1) civil society analysis on progress towards MDGs; 
(2) usefulness and opportunities of the MDG framework for CSOs; 
(3) contribution of CSOs to the MDGs; and 
(4) key lessons learned from the MDG experience for the post-2015 development framework. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Samoa, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand are part of this initiative.

Inequality Round Table Discussion
The UN Millennium Campaign will support a comprehensive research to look into major issues of inequalities in India and the Philippines, as well as a VOICES forum where the ‘excluded’ groups will raise their issues and perspectives to reach a common agenda. These two undertakings will form the basis for holding a national roundtable discussion involving multiple stakeholders. In the lead-up to the inequality RTD, a communications activity is also envisaged (yet unsupported), which creatively leverages the power of multimedia, audio, video and social media to humanize and highlight the persistent and structural challenges faced by a diverse range of marginalized groups and their aspirations and grievances. The initiative may be replicated in other countries, if additional financial support is available.

Parliamentarian Engagement in the MDG Acceleration and Post-2015 Discourse
Sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and coordinated by the UN Millennium Campaign, a series of parliamentarian conferences will be organized to obtain the parliamentarian commitment for a push on the MDGs and to ensure the parliamentarians are part of the formulation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The tentative schedule for the main conferences includes: a sub-regional meeting for South-East, East and North- East Asia and the Pacific in Manila (November 2012); South, South-West, North and Central Asia in Dhaka (December 2012); and the final Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum in Indonesia, alongside the Asia Pacific Ministerial meeting and HLP Meeting in Bali in March or April 2013.

Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012/13 on the theme of Post-2015
ADB, UNESCAP and UNDP will produce the next Regional MDG Report which will share research, analysis and key lessons learned from the regional experience on the MDGs and provide the Asia-Pacific view on the appropriate post-2015 development framework. A series of multi-stakeholder consultations will provide inputs for the report, while thematic experts will weigh in at different stages and guide the outputs.

Children and Youth Engagement
As part of the mandate to reach out to civil society and non-UN stakeholders, UNMC will put an effort to engage children and youth in the post- 2015 development agenda process. UNMC will provide input and participate in various children and youth forums at the regional level in order to mobilize children and youth in the post-2015 discourse and ensure the broad-based and participatory process. The upcoming regional forums where UNMC will contribute to include (but not limited to): the Youth Be Aware workshop in Melaka, Malaysia organized by World Youth Foundation and various agencies (November 2012), the Global Youth Forum in Bali, Indonesia supported by UNFPA (December 2012), the UNDP North-East Asian Youth Forum in Seoul, South Korea (December 2012), and the Commonwealth Youth Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka (June 2013).

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