Size of Key Populations in Malaysia – 2018 Estimates. HIV/STI/Hepatitis C Section of Ministry of Health Malaysia. (2019)

Malaysia has a matured and concentrated HIV epidemic with prevalence rates remain above 5% among key populations (KP) including person who inject drugs (PWID), female sex worker (FSW), transgender people (TG) and men having sex with men (MSM). Since the first case of HIV infection in the country was reported in 1986, a combination of efforts mainly focused on KP were implemented to reduce HIV infections nationwide.

The National Strategic Plan for Ending AIDS 2016-2030. HIV/STI Section of Ministry of Health Malaysia. (2015)

The strategies and action plans developed through consultations build on an increasing collaboration between the government and the civil society organizations, linking the facility-based health services with community level service provision by lay workers, and ensuring the quality of these services through extensive training and capacity building of the community-based organizations and service providers. Ensuring continuum of care between medical and paramedical health facility-based staff and outreach workers requires extensive training in new skills for these workers to be able to perform expanded tasks, adequate support by the health facility staff and smooth referral arrangements.