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Family run brings Malaysia UN families and colleagues together for #HealthForAll in KL

6 May 2018.   To celebrate WHO’s 70th anniversary and the WHO Global Service Centre (GSC)’s 10th anniversary, WHO GSC Staff Association invited all United Nations family agencies based in Malaysia for the 1st Family Day and Fun Run event in response to WHO’s #WalkTheTalk Global Challenge to advocate #HealthForAll. On 6th May 2018, hundreds of UN staff and their families braved the Malaysian sun and heat to join the 3km & 7km Fun Run with overflowing positive energy to represent the ultimate health.

“WHO GSC Staff Association (GSCSA) had been planning the first ever Family Day and Fun Run for months. The moment I received the Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge email announcement from Director General Dr. Tedros for the event, I knew we were on the right path. It was the perfect opportunity to tie our event to Walk the Talk. At the same time, it was a great way to celebrate WHO’s 70th anniversary,” said Irwan Shahrezza, the WHO GSC Staff Association (GSCSA) President. 
GSCSA committee got in touch with the WalktheTalk committee and worked tirelessly with the determination to bring #WalkTheTalk and #HealthForAll to Malaysia. On a bright Sunday morning in May, GSC staff and their loved ones with colleagues from other UN agencies in Malaysia gathered for the 3 KM and 7KM run challenge. To make the event even more fun, participants were encouraged to show up in creative costumes. The children were particularly enthusiastic and dressed up as their favourite fictional characters.
Event Project Manager Arvinder Kaur says: “Working at WHO GSC, we are supporting WHO offices around the world to ensure the smooth running of various projects on the global health. Very often, we are in the background of the action. This year is GSC’s 10th anniversary and it is the best time to remind ourselves and our families that we are doing important work for global health.” 
Aside from commemorating these important milestones in WHO’s journey, the event was also bringing staff and their families together for a fun-filled day packed with healthy outdoor activities. Bootcamp warm-up, Zumba sessions and tug-of-war matches pushed the atmosphere to a new high. The little ones were delighted to play fun games on the grass such as a treasure egg hunt, bouncy castle and friendly competitions. There was even a clown to entertain the younger kids with balloon animals. The Ministry of Health of Malaysia staff were present to provide free health checkups and this was especially welcomed by everyone. 
“I'm very proud of the enthusiasm demonstrated by GSC staff and their families towards Health for All.,” said Mr. Francisco E.V. Cardenas, the Director of WHO GSC. “We were very happy to welcome our colleagues from other UN agencies to Walk the Talk together. GSC will continuously strive to improve ourselves and renew our commitment to uphold the WHO mandate."

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